Bathroom Lighting Fixtures Over Mirror

Lighting is one of the key elements that helps make your house a home. The proper lighting enables you to perform tasks easily, makes you feel safer and more comfortable, and allows you to enjoy your home at its full potential. Each room, however, has specific and unique general and accent lighting needs.

Vanity or mirror lights in a bathroom are crucial for applying makeup or updating the look of your bathroom. There are elegant to simple lighting fixtures that might give you a more modern or traditional appearance. When buying your fixture, think about style, size and color. Also, make sure that the lighting fixture will provide you with enough illumination. Finally, consider how the unit must be installed.

Before going on, get yourself a measuring tape lighting strip lighting fixture for medium to large bulbs with a mounting strap or wire cutter.

Firstly, measure the length of the top of the mirror where you want to add a lighting strip. Use this measurement to choose a light fixture for the mirror. Choose your light fixture. Make sure that it has a mounting strap which is a metal bar that attaches to your electrical outlet.Turn off your old lighting fixture switch from the main electrical box. Remove the diffuser, if the fixture has one. Unscrew all light bulbs.

Next, insert a putty knife between the mounting plate and wall and push it around the edges to remove it from the wall.Use the existing wiring to install the fixture. Check to see which wires are available on the electrical outlet. Cut off any damaged ends of the wire with scissors or wire cutter. Use your knife to scrape off some of plastic coating until you see exposed wire. Place the plastic caps that came with your lighting fixture on the wires to connect the fixture to the electrical outlet.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installing the fixture.Attach the fixture over the electrical outlet. Screw in the light bulbs, making sure that they are compatible with the fixture’s wattage requirement.

There are many opinions out there concerning the recommended height to mount a bathroom light fixture above a mirror. The following brings to light a few things to consider when mounting the light fixture. There are no hard and fast rules out there concerning specific height regulations and restrictions. Using a little planning and a lot of common sense, anyone can bring new light to her bathroom.

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