How to Choose the Best Bathroom Wall Light Fixtures

Even though bathrooms are generally small spaces, lighting is very important when you are considering what type of light to purchase. Every area of the bathroom needs to be very well, but not glaring or overpowered by light—since it might look like a disco instead. Even windows, sources of natural light, need special consideration in this room since privacy can be an issue. Not only windows, your bathroom walls are also important parts to consider when you are designing your bathroom light fixtures.

First thing to consider; evaluate your bathroom walls to decide where you need lighting. Although the walls seem to be fine equally, you still won’t be comfortable in your own lovely bathroom if you place the wall light on the wrong spot. In general, bathrooms should be well-lit all over, including inside the shower, with extra light around the mirror. If you have windows in your bathroom, complete this step at night, as well.

Choose lighting on the walls around your mirror that illuminates from the top and both sides rather than just the top. Without side lighting, your lower face will be in shadows when you look in and use the mirror. Well, you wouldn’t want that would you? The shadowy-face? So choose a wall-sconce on either side of the mirror to provide this balanced light, along with your overhead lighting.

Speaking of wall sconce, a wall sconce is a light fixture attached to the wall with a decorative shield covering the bulb. Sconces come in a variety of shapes and designs to fit your bathroom theme. Among traditional styles are Art Deco, etched glass and shell-shaped. Sconces are available in a variety of finishes, including glazed, metallic and ceramic bisque.

When it comes to installing the wall light, first thing you have to consider is your height, especially when you ask others to install the light for you. Let’s say your height is around 170 cm (5.58 feet). So the height of the light from the floor shouldn’t be any lower than 180 cm, cause you might get electricity shock if you ever accidentally touched it while having a shower.

Different things count when you install the light aside the mirror, and you take shower not too close to the mirror. You can put it around 160-175 cm above the floor, it would five you a perfect light and by extension you’ll get a perfect view on your face in the mirror.

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