Stylish How to Tile a Bathroom Wall

Replacing the bathroom wall with ceramics on bathroom wall is how to make the display looked clean and interesting. One of the choice for beautifying the display is by using motifly ceramics.

Besides it is useful as bathroom necessary fulfill and another hygiene problems, the bathroom also is to be the relaxation of the body and mind room. So as, the color applying, the pattern or motifs on the bathroom wall is to be important things. Artistic value on the bathroom wall could create the different atmosphere and impression. The interesting design makes the user is to be liked and comfortable.

For determining the right motif, there are some things that need to be noticed in ceramics selection. The small size bathroom, it should use the big size ceramics and bright color. Avoiding the tile using with difficult motifs because it appeared fully and narrow impression.

Adjusting to the color selection to the atmosphere that would be applied. For getting the fresh atmosphere, for example select the cool color like as blue or green. While for giving the widen impression, the soft colors could be selected like as the grey, cream, soft yellow and soft blue. Dynamist and interesting impression are appeared by brighten ceramics.

While the large bathroom due to easily in combinating many kinds of motif. The motif selection is adjusted to the room style that want to be appeared. There are some motifs that could be selected.

Mould motifs. The motif design due to appear the nature form like as the woods, bamboo, marbles, and granite. The motif is same as the motif on suitable wallpaper or carpet that are applicated in contemporary style room. The design definitely appears the uniqueness by the nature material displays.

Flowery motifs. The flowery motifs could be choice. In the market,many things that is found with flowery motifs. The motif could be decorative elements that suitable for decorating the private room. The motif ceramics need to be arranged sequentially so as forming one draft the available picture. But the motif ceramics replacement should just be on one wall. the direction for making the flowery motif panel as the beautiful accent in bathroom. The panel color is adjusted to the wall color so it looked interesting roundly.

For giving the modern impression, use the bathtub with shinny color. The modern concept appears from the soft and bright design.

For being the attention is motif which is applied from the motifs that should support the style room constantly like as minimalist, contemporary or modern. Try to not apply the motif ceramics are too much. Use it just the determine area like as shower area or as just accent. So as the bathroom would impress beautiful and interesting.

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