Tips How to Choose The Best Bathroom Light Fixtures

A bathroom might not be a particularly most important part of your house. But still, do not forget about the bathroom, cause it’s essentially a building part of your home as well as the most telling example to tell how clean and neat you are.

And speaking of the bathroom, its lighting is probably the last place people want to invest time and money. Mirrors go unlit, and oftentimes one ceiling fixture is used to light up the sink, mirror, and shower. However, as whirlpool tubs become larger and steam showers are added, more and more time is spent relaxing in the bathroom. Since you begin and end your day in the bathroom, why not spend a little extra time considering which fixtures and lights would work best?

Halogen bulbs are generally the standard for bathroom lighting, but the newest compact fluorescent bulbs are also a great option.Mount one fixture over the mirror to light a bathroom, but realize it can cause shadows on the face. If using recessed lighting, avoid creating shadows by not mounting them directly over the mirror, you can do one of these two:

Adding wall brackets to the side of the mirror is one of the best way to eliminate shadows on the face. For mirrors under 48 inch wide use, vertically mounted wall brackets and position them 75 to 80 inches above the floor.
If the fixture uses exposed lamps, do not use a higher wattage than 40 watts. Fixtures with clear or well diffused glass use nor more than 75 watts. Color corrected fluorescent lamps should be used when fluorescent fixtures are desired. A crisp white light renders skin tones most accurately.
Consider Dimming Bathroom Lights

This is one marvelous option which gives you a great facility of saving energy. You can use this dimming option to control the lighting of your bathroom. If you look for dim light while you are in a tub just pull the cord dimmer and you get that perfect atmosphere. Or otherwise, you look for un-shadowed and bright light, you can raise to the brightness you require in the bathroom. Well, your lighting requirement really needs to have a wise planning because they are multifunctional.

Use Bathroom Wall Scones

Purchase some stylish wall scones. If you are looking for elegant, soft, sophisticated bathroom lighting option, nothing can be outstanding than wall scones. This bathroom lighting fixture gives a striking look to your bathroom. They are most of the time recessed and placed away from sinks. This bathroom lighting option can be the best option placed near the cabinet or storage.

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