How to Decorating a Contemporary Bathroom with Light Fixtures

Are you tired of your outdated bathroom decor and ready for a revamp? Do you envy the clean, streamlined, modern bathrooms that are sparklingly great? You can get the hot modern look in your powder room, too! Lighting is an immensely important part of achieving a modern bathroom design. Here are a few hallmarks of modern bathroom design and some bathroom lighting ideas you can use in your home.

Firstly, create a stylish, relaxing bathroom with the perfect bathroom lighting for your home. Bathroom ceiling lights and other bathroom light fixtures enhance bathroom design and, at the same time, provide the practical illumination you need to see clearly. You can use bath lighting to make your bathroom seem more serene, elegant or cozy and even feel more spacious.

Beside the stylish thingy, you can also try ambient lighting: Bathroom lights that distribute light from all directions are called ambient lighting. Ambient bathroom light fixtures illuminate the entire bathroom but are mostly directed toward the floor. Natural light from windows or skylights is a source of ambient light as well. Ambient bathroom lighting creates a soft glow in the bathroom for a perfectly relaxing sanctuary and can be generated by pendant lights, bathroom ceiling lights, recessed lights or even chandeliers.

Another kind of of lighting is task lighting: Bath light fixtures classified as task lighting provide visual clarity and shadow-free light to make it easier for you to put on makeup, shave and perform other grooming tasks. Bright bath lighting allows you to see clearly in your bathroom; however, it is best to install task lights, such as sconces and bath vanity lighting, on both sides of the bathroom mirror to cast even light across your face. Another good place to install bright bath light fixtures is above the shower; task lights also work well over the bathtub and toilet. If you install contemporary bath lighting, including exposed lights, use frosted bulbs to cut down on glare.

Accent lighting is also good for you. Use accent bathroom lights to draw attention to particular areas or decorative objects in your bathroom. Accent lighting can be used to highlight a piece of art, unique bathroom design features or other decorative accessories. You can combine accent lights with traditional bathroom lighting to achieve beautiful effects.

The last and most recommended lighting is the unique lighting. To make your bathroom stand out, look for small lamps, sconces and other contemporary bath lighting to set off your shower and bath. Decorative chandeliers can take the place of traditional bathroom lighting fixtures, and wall-mounted light tubes provide sleek bath vanity lighting in a small bathroom if you want to save space. Take cues from the other rooms in your home to find the best lighting ideas.


How to Choose The Best Small Bathroom Vanities

Everyone wants to have a bathroom that is both functional and stylish at the same time. One way that you can have both is by adding bathroom vanities in it. There are a lot of designs that you can choose from when planning to add bath vanities in your bathroom. You can go for modern designs or antique themed bathroom vanities. You certainly have vast choices, especially if you have a large bathroom area.

When it comes to small spaced bathrooms however, you should pick the right ones. You should avoid getting vanity furniture that may take up a lot of space, like antique bathroom vanities as they will congest your bathroom with their bulky designs. It would be a more appropriate choice to invest in a contemporary bathroom vanity which would fit within the small space in your bathroom.

In picking out the bathroom vanity that you will be adding into your bathroom, the first thing that you need to keep in mind is your bathroom space. You should take note that placing a lot of items in your bathroom, occupying all the free spaces will leave it with a cluttered look. So, make sure that you only get the essential ones.

If the bathroom space and your budget allow it, you can go for small bathroom vanity and sinks. This will allow you to have both a sink and a storage space for your toiletries at the same time. This can be a practically choice as it allows you to organize your bathroom items while providing an area for you sink. However, if you find that you don’t have space to place a vanity cabinet, you might want to add a corner piece in your bathroom instead. This allows you to utilize a corner in your bathroom and place a sink on it.

When planning what kind and the design of the bathroom vanity that you will be placing in your small spaced bathroom. Keep in mind that you should get one that utilizes space efficiently, as well as allow you to organize your bathroom items. In order to maximize space and help you organize your items, you should pick one that has two or four small drawers by each side of the vanity top. This allows you to organize small bathroom items like toothbrushes, soaps, etc.

Aside from small drawers on the side, you should also try picking out modern bath vanities that has shelves below the drawers. This can be the perfect storage space to place towels, robes, etc. However, this will still depend on the size of the bathroom vanity that you will be choosing.

Other than the design and storage space, you should also consider what kind of material you want the bath vanity to be. Wood is the most common materials when it comes to bathroom vanity furniture. You can also opt to purchase ones that are made from stronger materials like granite, marble, etc. However, the cost is much higher when going for bath furniture that are made from stronger materials.


How Much Cost to Remodel a Bathroom

A small bathroom sometimes needs a little updating to make it not only feel larger, but also to make it feel like a part of the home. Small bathrooms are less expensive to remodel in comparison to a master bathroom, but costs depend on factors such as the extent of the remodeling job, plumbing and decorations. As with any remodeling project, obtain a permit from the city planning or building office and make sure that there are not any specific building codes that your bathroom must meet to be approved.

Paint and Supplies

Painting is a quick method to update and refresh a bathroom in need. You can do the painting yourself or hire a professional painting service. The most obvious needed supply for a painting project is paint, but not just any paint. Bathrooms require latex semi-gloss paint with a mildew-resistant formula to prevent growth behind and on top of the paint surface. As of publication time, the average gallon of this type of paint starts at $20. On top of the paint itself, you need paint rollers, paintbrushes, an edging tool, painter’s tape, tarps and a paint tray.

Tile and Flooring

You must remove outdated flooring and tile in a remodeling project. Ceramic and stone tiles are versatile and durable flooring options, but they are expensive in terms of both product cost and labour. A cheap alternative is vinyl, but you will need a high quality vinyl to achieve the look and durability of tile without the cost. The average vinyl flooring ranges from less than $1 to more than $12 per square foot, according to Lowe’s.

If the bathroom is severely outdated, large fixtures such as vanities, tubs and toilets may need replacement as well. Measure the space of the bathroom before pricing large fixtures, because unless you intend to remove walls and expand the bathroom, your new fixtures must be similar in size to the old ones. As of publication time, you can expect to pay more than $400 for a new, basic bathtub, up to $300 for a toilet, and from $70 to more than $400 for a vanity. When replacing all of the large fixtures in a bathroom, purchase similar styles so that the bathroom coordinates well.

Hardware and Accessories

Changing hardware and accessories can update a bathroom without the high cost of replacing large fixtures. Replacing a faucet, for example, is a quick update that makes a big difference in the bathroom. The average cost for a bathroom faucet ranges from $20 to more than $200 as of publication time. The style, size and materials factor into the cost.

Updating other hardware in the bathroom such as handles, light switches, lighting and mirrors are additional costs a homeowner can expect to pay in a bathroom remodel. When on an extremely tight budget, try removing hardware pieces and repainting them as an alternative to replacing the hardware entirely.

Nowadays, it is estimated that for a whole bathroom remodel varies around at $9,000 for mid-scale and $25,000 for high-scale remodels.The costs also varies by region, the South has the lowest average cost, about $7,800. The average cost in the Midwest is nearly $9,000. The average cost in the West and the East is about $9,500.


Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas on a Budget

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. Nearly everyone spends time in the bathroom before leaving the house. Your bathroom should be a space that you enjoy being in, no matter how small. If you find your bathroom cramped or cluttered, you can make a few small changes that will quickly transform it without ruining your budget.

Remodeling a small bathroom requires a lot of planning to ensure that your budget is used wisely. When it comes to small spaces, choosing the right accessories can impact the look and feel of the space more than anything else.

First, check your cabinet hardware. If your bathroom cabinets are old and tired looking and you can’t afford new ones, there’s still a cheap and easy way to freshen them up. Purchase new cabinet handles and drawer pulls. Nowadays there is a wealth of strikingly decorative cabinet hardware that will take attention away from the outdated cupboards and drawers and act as a distinctive finishing touch for the entire bathroom. Consider selecting cabinet hardware that matches the color of the paint on your walls as it will help bring the room together.

Then take a look at your shower curtain and rug. They are two articles that can quickly take a beating from frequent use. The shower curtain can turn cloudy and the bath mat rug can lose its bright color and fluffiness.

Purchasing a new, crisp shower curtain and a new, soft rug are easy ways to freshen up your bathroom immediately. Select curtain and mat colors that either match your walls or that contrast in a harmonious way.

Beside that, you need to reduce the scale of the accessories and furniture in the bathroom. The bigger the items are, the smaller the bathroom will feel. This is especially true of crowded corners, overstuffed sinks and windowsills and large laundry hampers or containers. Just by replacing these items for a smaller version, you can gain enough space to add other items or to replace the tub or extend the shower.

Don’t forget take out the tub and make do with just a shower. This will increase the available space considerably and allow you to add additional furniture for storage. A shower curtain will make the space look even bigger, since you can leave it slightly open to show the added space behind it. If you prefer sliding doors, make them glass.

You can also try and add a large mirror. If you can’t change your vanity mirror, add track lights on top to give the impression of a larger reflection or place a second mirror on the opposite wall. Make space for candles or add a dimmer switch so you can take a bath in a more peaceful atmosphere.
If you consider to repaint or retile, use light colors. If white or light blue feel too simple, consider adding splashes of color by introducing a contrasting tile once in a while or painting a border to separate wall from ceiling.


Things You Need to Consider in How to Remodel a Bathroom

Bathroom remodeling has the second highest return on investment of any renovation you can do in your home. A bathroom remodel can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars, to tens of thousands. It all depends on your budget, your home and your goals.No matter how much your budget is, you have 2 goals with a bathroom remodel; to increase its beauty and to increase its function.Here are 8 areas you need to consider whether you are thinking about just freshening up, or completely renovating your bathroom.


The first thing you are going to notice when you walk into your new bathroom, are the cabinets. New cabinets will improve your bathroom almost instantly.Cabinet prices range a lot, from cheap particle board to custom construction. But, you can usually find something quite elegant for a reasonable price if you shop around.

These 7 improvements can be done on their own, or in combination with a complete bathroom remodel. It all depends on your budget and goals. But, if you want to freshen up your bathroom, these are the 7 areas you need to think about. A bathroom remodel, whether small or large, will make your home a much more enjoyable place to be. And it will make your home more valuable when you go to sell.


Bathroom Lighting Fixtures Over Mirror

Lighting is one of the key elements that helps make your house a home. The proper lighting enables you to perform tasks easily, makes you feel safer and more comfortable, and allows you to enjoy your home at its full potential. Each room, however, has specific and unique general and accent lighting needs.

Vanity or mirror lights in a bathroom are crucial for applying makeup or updating the look of your bathroom. There are elegant to simple lighting fixtures that might give you a more modern or traditional appearance. When buying your fixture, think about style, size and color. Also, make sure that the lighting fixture will provide you with enough illumination. Finally, consider how the unit must be installed.

Before going on, get yourself a measuring tape lighting strip lighting fixture for medium to large bulbs with a mounting strap or wire cutter.

Firstly, measure the length of the top of the mirror where you want to add a lighting strip. Use this measurement to choose a light fixture for the mirror. Choose your light fixture. Make sure that it has a mounting strap which is a metal bar that attaches to your electrical outlet.Turn off your old lighting fixture switch from the main electrical box. Remove the diffuser, if the fixture has one. Unscrew all light bulbs.

Next, insert a putty knife between the mounting plate and wall and push it around the edges to remove it from the wall.Use the existing wiring to install the fixture. Check to see which wires are available on the electrical outlet. Cut off any damaged ends of the wire with scissors or wire cutter. Use your knife to scrape off some of plastic coating until you see exposed wire. Place the plastic caps that came with your lighting fixture on the wires to connect the fixture to the electrical outlet.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installing the fixture.Attach the fixture over the electrical outlet. Screw in the light bulbs, making sure that they are compatible with the fixture’s wattage requirement.

There are many opinions out there concerning the recommended height to mount a bathroom light fixture above a mirror. The following brings to light a few things to consider when mounting the light fixture. There are no hard and fast rules out there concerning specific height regulations and restrictions. Using a little planning and a lot of common sense, anyone can bring new light to her bathroom.


Tips How to Choose The Best Bathroom Light Fixtures

A bathroom might not be a particularly most important part of your house. But still, do not forget about the bathroom, cause it’s essentially a building part of your home as well as the most telling example to tell how clean and neat you are.

And speaking of the bathroom, its lighting is probably the last place people want to invest time and money. Mirrors go unlit, and oftentimes one ceiling fixture is used to light up the sink, mirror, and shower. However, as whirlpool tubs become larger and steam showers are added, more and more time is spent relaxing in the bathroom. Since you begin and end your day in the bathroom, why not spend a little extra time considering which fixtures and lights would work best?

Halogen bulbs are generally the standard for bathroom lighting, but the newest compact fluorescent bulbs are also a great option.Mount one fixture over the mirror to light a bathroom, but realize it can cause shadows on the face. If using recessed lighting, avoid creating shadows by not mounting them directly over the mirror, you can do one of these two:

Adding wall brackets to the side of the mirror is one of the best way to eliminate shadows on the face. For mirrors under 48 inch wide use, vertically mounted wall brackets and position them 75 to 80 inches above the floor.
If the fixture uses exposed lamps, do not use a higher wattage than 40 watts. Fixtures with clear or well diffused glass use nor more than 75 watts. Color corrected fluorescent lamps should be used when fluorescent fixtures are desired. A crisp white light renders skin tones most accurately.
Consider Dimming Bathroom Lights

This is one marvelous option which gives you a great facility of saving energy. You can use this dimming option to control the lighting of your bathroom. If you look for dim light while you are in a tub just pull the cord dimmer and you get that perfect atmosphere. Or otherwise, you look for un-shadowed and bright light, you can raise to the brightness you require in the bathroom. Well, your lighting requirement really needs to have a wise planning because they are multifunctional.

Use Bathroom Wall Scones

Purchase some stylish wall scones. If you are looking for elegant, soft, sophisticated bathroom lighting option, nothing can be outstanding than wall scones. This bathroom lighting fixture gives a striking look to your bathroom. They are most of the time recessed and placed away from sinks. This bathroom lighting option can be the best option placed near the cabinet or storage.


How to Choose the Best Bathroom Wall Light Fixtures

Even though bathrooms are generally small spaces, lighting is very important when you are considering what type of light to purchase. Every area of the bathroom needs to be very well, but not glaring or overpowered by light—since it might look like a disco instead. Even windows, sources of natural light, need special consideration in this room since privacy can be an issue. Not only windows, your bathroom walls are also important parts to consider when you are designing your bathroom light fixtures.

First thing to consider; evaluate your bathroom walls to decide where you need lighting. Although the walls seem to be fine equally, you still won’t be comfortable in your own lovely bathroom if you place the wall light on the wrong spot. In general, bathrooms should be well-lit all over, including inside the shower, with extra light around the mirror. If you have windows in your bathroom, complete this step at night, as well.

Choose lighting on the walls around your mirror that illuminates from the top and both sides rather than just the top. Without side lighting, your lower face will be in shadows when you look in and use the mirror. Well, you wouldn’t want that would you? The shadowy-face? So choose a wall-sconce on either side of the mirror to provide this balanced light, along with your overhead lighting.

Speaking of wall sconce, a wall sconce is a light fixture attached to the wall with a decorative shield covering the bulb. Sconces come in a variety of shapes and designs to fit your bathroom theme. Among traditional styles are Art Deco, etched glass and shell-shaped. Sconces are available in a variety of finishes, including glazed, metallic and ceramic bisque.

When it comes to installing the wall light, first thing you have to consider is your height, especially when you ask others to install the light for you. Let’s say your height is around 170 cm (5.58 feet). So the height of the light from the floor shouldn’t be any lower than 180 cm, cause you might get electricity shock if you ever accidentally touched it while having a shower.

Different things count when you install the light aside the mirror, and you take shower not too close to the mirror. You can put it around 160-175 cm above the floor, it would five you a perfect light and by extension you’ll get a perfect view on your face in the mirror.


Best Bathroom Flooring Style and Types You Need to Know

Most of people want to get the best design for their house. And bathroom is the important room section in the house although today bathroom is not only for taking a bath but many functions that is used in bathroom like as washing hands and face. If we see the designing development, we know that the bathroom is made of modern design even luxurious design. for example in one room of bathroom, it is shared by two sections that separated like as dry room and wet room.

Not only in concept of the room that is designed but also perhaps it begins from the modern furniture and others. For getting the modern design, we should notice the concept that is used. So we could create and decide which one the suitable furniture that we select for our bathroom. Sometimes many people like the natural or minimalist design specifically for them who have the small room in their bathroom. But also some of them choose the contemporary design that is combination between the natural and modern designing.

Now we are talking about the bathroom flooring. Perhaps it is seldom to be noticed by most of people. Whereas, this is the important section for the concept and it s really influencing the atmosphere of your bathroom. And we should select the right design of the flooring definitely with the high quality of the floor. Not only like as the marbles, ceramics, or others but also some of the people who select the rocks material as their floor for the bathroom. It would give the naturally design and it is guaranteed easily to clean and uneasily to be dirty.

But it does not matter if you choose the wooden materials. Like as you see on the picture above, the dry room that using the wooden flooring could give the naturally impression for your bathroom. And with using this one, you could choose the neutral color like as white. With the bright color touching could give the widen atmosphere if your bathroom is quiet small. And it looked simply and tranquility impression.

Perhaps, it looks like unique design of the flooring. With the plain ceramics in white color and it is adjusting to the concept color. Do not worry if the white is easily to be dirty because you could decide to give this one in dry room then you should not need to be worried for being dirty.


Best Bathroom Shower Doors in Beautiful Designs

Many people who get confusing when they would like to design their house specifically for the bathroom moreover if their bathroom is minimalist and small room. Today, bathroom is not only for taking a bath room but also sometimes it could be the washing hands or face room. And many styles and designs that is decorated by the people for being the modern design of your bathroom.

Usually many people choose the separated room of their bathroom like as the shower room and sink room so they are called as dry and wet room in the bathroom. For being the clean bathroom, many ways that you could take as the sample for designing your bathroom. But do not forget to notice the concept of your house. Most of people that do not notice what the model and design of their house concept is. But it does not matter f you like the natural concept in your bathroom while your house concept is modern minimalist because it could be contemporary design that is combination between the modern design and natural impression.

As we see on the picture above that the bathroom shower door which is to be the new design for your bathroom. With white touching and little bit of black containing on the wall. you could apply this design in your bathroom. For avoiding the dirty, you could select the glass door because it is easily to clean for keeping the clean of your bathroom.

You also could select this design as the picture above with the brown marble tile flooring as the walls. It impressed luxurious and vanity looking. You should not create the big or large sizing for your shower room because that is enough for the showering place, with multiplying the glass effect in your bathroom is giving quiet the luxury of your bathroom. Do not forget to give the window and vents as the circulation incoming of the air in order to your bathroom is not close.

With the simply touching for designing of your bathroom actually is the best and right selection. The glass door and it is combination by the wooden frame as decorating for your shower room. With white touching of your concept in bathroom gives the tranquility impression and simply looking.